Outhentic under quarantine but with a creative smile
Outhentic under quarantine but with a creative smile

The young musicians had to cancel their whole planned tour, both in Bulgaria and abroad, but in the hope that soon, they will have the opportunity to be in front of their audience again and together to share the excitement and strong emotions that only music has the power to create.

Each of the musicians makes full use of the time we all have and works on their own musical ideas, which at some point will gather in one place and will give birth to completely new compositions, which will be presented to the audience and will be included in band’s future album.

Outhentic believe that everything that happens to us has a positive side:

“Despite the difficulties, struggles and deprivations that await us and which we and all the artists in the world will have to deal with, we believe that all this is happening for some reason and we must find the meaning in it. We must fight, support, help and love each other. Maybe all of us – humans, had become very self-centered and trapped in our own world, maybe we needed to feel and find where our relationship, tolerance and empathy had gone. Perhaps when this is all over, we will be better humans, more real, more appreciative of our surrounding world, and more grateful for what we have. We believe that the best we can do, as musicians, at the moment, is what we are best at – to create music. ”

Оuthentic also called on the whole community not to stop supporting artists, to listen and buy their music, because without the music of all these artists in the world, the crisis for all of us would have been even more severe and filled with only silence.

From here, you can buy the two albums of the band and give them the opportunity to continue creating:

* Transparent

* YesToday