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How Did It All Begin?

Our love for music and Bulgarian folklore laid the foundation for forming the ethno/jazz/world band Outhentic in 2012, along with our first guitarist Viktor Dzhorgov.
Since 2018, Borislav Iliev (guitar) and Stoil Ivanov (drums), has become part of the band.

We have visited many countries all over the world, played on various scenes, contacted interesting people and diverse cultures, learned a lot and gained valuable experience. In 2015 we recorded our first self-penned album YesToday.

We presented our album in Sofia in early November 2016 and also at the Bulgarian Cultural Institutes in Berlin in January 2017, and then in Warsaw in March 2017. In the process of establishing our style, we have collaborated with outstanding and world-renowned musicians and groups such as the bass player Juan Garcia-Herreros nominated for Grammy Awards, Stoyan Yankoulov aka Stundzhi, Ian Stephenson, Suchet Malhotra, Banda Del Padre, etc.

There have been many participations in the course of our stage biography on various Bulgarian and international forums and festivals. Some of them include Ethno Flanders 2013 (Belgium), Apriltsi Inspires Art Festival 2014, Ethno Sweden 2015 (Sweden), 12th edition of the European Night of Museums 2016 (Sliven, Bulgaria), Bansko Snowboard World Cup 2017, Mini Jazz Fest 2017 (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria), Glastonbury Festival 2017 (England).

All that opened new horizons to us thus intensifying our desire to reveal the beauty of folklore through music in the way we perceive, feel and recreate it. We further want to present our national traditions by using attractive and innovative methods, more easily assimilable by younger generations, thus turning them into preservers and distributors of the Bulgarian essence. That is what inspired us to establish a foundation in 2018.


Outhentic Foundation is an independent non-governmental organization incorporated for public benefit. It is focused on preserving, distributing and promoting world music and folklore, traditions both in Bulgaria and abroad. Its purpose is to advance the process of building spiritual values and enrichment of young people’s musical culture.
Mission and Values
_ To present world music and traditions in an accessible and attractive way that can be easily understood and appreciated by young audiences.
_ To spread world music and traditions.
_ To promote and validate spiritual values, education and musical culture by sharing knowledge and experience.
_ To encourage the development of young talents by supporting children and young people with outstanding musical abilities.
_ To assist and support disadvantaged children and young people.
_ To preserve and promote the world music, values and traditions.
_ To participate and/or support the process of organizing and holding joint cultural events with Bulgarian and international formations.
_ To hold and/or support the holding of national and international training sessions in the field of music and education as well as the carrying out of workshops, seminars, discussions and lectures on musical topics.
_ To assist and support the level of education and culture of the younger generations in Bulgaria and abroad.
_ To render assistance to cultural and social institutions in the implementation of their cultural events having musical focus.
_ To form such attitudes towards folk/world music and traditions among children and younger generations which can result in modelling dignified behaviour in respect of traditions and social commitment.
_ To encourage and support children and young people to educate themselves, to develop their talents and gifts, and to use their abilities

Join the Initiative

Thank you for sharing our values and goals, and for your wish to invest in Outhentic Foundation!

Every support is important to us and will help us to implement our idea of reviving Bulgarian folklore traditions among the Bulgarians and to help our unification as a nation.

Let’s get to know our roots through music, let’s build our future together!