Balkan Folk music
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Balkan Folk Music

Ethno-Jazz Band Outhentic was formed in 2012. It was founded by Zhivko Vasilev (kaval, piano) and Rayna Vasileva (vocal, percussion). In 2018, Borislav Iliev (guitar) and Stoil Ivanov (drums), became part of the band.
Outhentic is a combination of the words: “out” and “authentic”, which is in the meaning of “out of the authentic” and it is a reference to their individual style. In 2016, the band released their first self-penned album, in which guest performers from all over the world are participating. The album is titled “YesToday”​ and in 2019 – their second album – “Transparent”.

Outhentic Foundation is an independent non-governmental organization incorporated for public benefit. It is focused on preserving, distributing and promoting world music and folklore, traditions both in Bulgaria and abroad. Its purpose is to advance the process of building spiritual values and enrichment of young people’s musical culture.

Let’s get to know our roots through music, let’s build our future together!

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Live concerts

Outhentic musicians have extensive experience in numerous world-class stages and festivals. Book a band for your concert or festival to enjoy these world-class musicians and the interesting culture and traditions they bring with them.

(Corporate) Parties

You organize a corporate party and want to surprise your guests with interesting and unique music? Outhentic will take you and your guests to the world of Bulgarian folklore and world music.


Outhentic’s Musicians are world-class musicians. The instruments they play and the music they make is unique! Invite them to tell about them and their art. Their stories will stimulate young musicians and people interested in the arts.


Our love for performing Bulgarian folklore music stretches even further, to presentations and a wide variety of other occassions. Tell us about your event to discuss the possibilities.

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